GoPet Dog TreadWheels and TreadMills


GoPet, LLC was formed in the spring of 2006, to develop, test, manufacture, and market canine exercise equipment. The focus of GoPet was, and continues to be to provide healthy choices for animal exercise as well as to provide the canine training and veterinary community with the finest in fitness and rehabilitation equipment.



Perhaps one of the top selling product of GoPet is the GoPet TreadWheelGoPet TreadWheels are an excellent source of exercise for all dogs. The GoPet TreadWheel is dog powered so the dog chooses to use the TreadWheel or not use the TreadWheel on its own. No electricity, all dog power. Dogs can run as fast or slow as they like and jump in and out for exercise when they want to get exercise.




  Another unique    product from        GoPet is the        GoPet Enclose    TreadMill.    GoPet           TreadMills have  dolly wheels which provide easy mobility of the TreadMill. They also have a metal eyelet which allows for a toy to be attached, if needed. TreadMills have push button controls which provide gradual increase and decrease in speed.



Looking for something for your large dog that’s easy to store as well as lightweight and durable? Try looking at the GoPet Enclosed TreadMill for Giant Breeds! Perfect for energetic dogs, for overweight dogs, for times when the weather is too hot, too cold or too wet. Great for homes with little open space to run. Walk, jog or run, and unleash your dogs potential!!

Top Reasons to Buy From GoPet

  • Health and WellnessGoPet is committed to health and wellness. Exercise is a key factor in your dog or cat’s health and will decrease vet bills if exercised on a regular basis. Preventing obesity is also a key factor in increasing your pet’s lifespan. A consistent exercise routine on one of the GoPet TreadWheels or TreadMills can lead to a long, happy and healthy life for your precious fur baby!
  • Exercise Safely– The GoPet Treadwheels and TreadMills are designed for safety. It does not require any power which allows your pets to exercise on their own, even when you are not home! Inside or out!
  • Convenience – The GoPet TreadWheels and TreadMills allows your pet to get their workout in even if it’s raining, sleeting, or just extremely hot or cold weather.

You can feel confident when buying a GoPet product from Dogtown Supply. We offer free shipping, financing options for every purchase of a GoPet product, and a low price guarantee so you can feel confident that you are getting the best price. See product page for details.
$4,300.00 $2,150.00

GoPet PR730 Giant Breed Model Petrun Tread...

$2,370.00 $2,106.00

GoPet PR725 Large Breed Petrun TreadMill

$1,700.00 $1,464.00

GoPet PR720F Small-Medium Breed Petrun Tre...

$1,500.00 $1,194.00

GoPet PR710F Toy-Small Breed Petrun TreadMill

$1,120.00 $756.00

GoPet PR700 Toy Breed Petrun TreadMill

$5,900.00 $4,536.00

GoPet CS8022 Large Breed Dog TreadWheel

$3,230.00 $2,508.00

GoPet CS6020 Medium-Large Breed Dog TreadW...

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Great for the price

This box will last forever ,really like it but door latch doesn't catch everytime..

5 stars

love it. I opted in for the free gift too so that was a cool extra. 5 stars from me.

great box

I purchased the bigger box and it is plenty of room for my two coonhounds. Plenty of air flow and it comes with covers for the vents for winter. Highly recommend.

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Noah Willington

Got this box as a suprise birthday present! My wife did a good job of sneaking! It is HUGE but my dogs love it! 3 holes on each side. Perfect! definitely worth the wait!

48" is great

I bought the 48" box. Great customer service. Worth the wait. No issues with shipping. Very happy with this box!