Petrun TreadMills

$1,700.00 $850.00

GoPet PR720F Small-Medium Breed Petrun Tre...

$1,500.00 $750.00

GoPet PR710F Toy-Small Breed Petrun TreadMill

$1,120.00 $560.00

GoPet PR700 Toy Breed Petrun TreadMill

$4,300.00 $2,150.00

GoPet PR730 Giant Breed Model Petrun Tread...

$2,370.00 $1,185.00

GoPet PR725 Large Breed Petrun TreadMill

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5 stars

love it. I opted in for the free gift too so that was a cool extra. 5 stars from me.

great box

I purchased the bigger box and it is plenty of room for my two coonhounds. Plenty of air flow and it comes with covers for the vents for winter. Highly recommend.


Got this box as a suprise birthday present! My wife did a good job of sneaking! It is HUGE but my dogs love it! 3 holes on each side. Perfect! definitely worth the wait!

48" is great

I bought the 48" box. Great customer service. Worth the wait. No issues with shipping. Very happy with this box!

So excited

I am so impressed about my dog box. I had an older set up with just a crate and a wooden drawer for storage. Decided to upgrade and it was worth every penny!