Kittywalk Product Manuals

Safety Precautions

Please remember that:

Kittywalk Systems enclosures are not toys. Please follow all 
instructions in your product packaging to ensure that your pet enjoys 
a safe outdoor experience.

Don't forget to check your existing Kittywalk Systems for holes 
(during the winter months some critters like squirrels, rabbits and 
mice can chew through the netting). To prevent animals from chewing 
holes in the netting, spray your enclosures with a product like 
Bitter Apple spray or Chew-Stop, available at most pet stores. 
Netting patches are also available from KWS customer care.

Check periodically for loose connections and close enclosure doors 
when not in use, to prevent unwanted animals from entering 
unsupervised enclosures.

To extend the life of a unit we recommend you purchase the Outdoor 
Protective Cover for your particular Kittywalk, or bring the units in 
during long periods of bad weather.

The netting on our enclosures should not drape. To tighten the 
netting on Lawn, Deck & Patio and Teepee units, pull the dark green 
cording running along the top of the enclosures, or along the bottom of 
the Teepee. Netting should not drape, cats can get entangled in loose 

Remove pet collars as they can get caught in the mesh. Clip your 
pets nails, because if the pets' nails are long and sharp it is 
possible that they can get entangled in the netting of some outdoor 
Kittywalk products.

Kittywalk Systems products are not to be used by feral cats, bengals, 
or hybrids. Discard all plastic packaging after deploying your new 
item(s). Kittywalk products are not for use by children.

Most importantly, never leave your pets unattended while using 
Kittywalk Systems enclosures.

We wish you a happy summer and the long enjoyment of our products!

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